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30 days of Prayer - Day 18 Awakened Spiritually!

                30 DAys of Prayer - Day 18

Those who have joined me daily in prayer , I would just like to thank you! I pray it has opened your eyes to God's grace,
 goodness,  mercy , patience , unfailing love, and redemption through Jesus Christ His Son. 

Psalm 63:1 - 7 NIV
You are my God. I worship You. In my heart , I long for you, as I would long for a stream in a scorching desert. I have seen your power and your glory in the place of worship. Your love means more than life to me, and I praise you. As long as I live, i will pray to you. I will sing joyful praises and be filled with excitement like a guest at a banquet. 
I think about you before I go to sleep , and may my thoughts turn to you during the night. You have helped me and I sing happy songs in the shadows of your wings. 
Psalm verse 63:8 I stay close to you , and your powerful arm supports me. 

This is wonderful, glorious, unyielding love, and comforting scripture from God. This scripture is for all of God's children! How can we not believe in our Creator? Look around at the magnificent beauty God has blessed us with. Evolution is a lie and I pray for those of you who have been misled, that you may  wake up today and are spiritually filled with the love of God and deep rooted in the love of Jesus Christ, Authority over  all nations. I am telling  you this  because,  like those who preach the truth, I want you to know the truth, that I know, and experience true freedom from bondage and sin. 
                       Free from bondage1 

Psalm 65 :2-3 NIV
Everyone will come to you because you answer prayer, Our terrible sins get us down, but you forgive us. 

                     Free from Bondage! 

The Cross represents Judgement and Love. 

God  saves us, through His Son Jesus, who died on the Cross for all of mankind. Asking Jesus, to forgive you means that you now receive His forgiveness and have access to the Father, our God. And  by doing this- you are asking Him, to truly forgive you and take up residence in your new heart. You are now a New creation in Christ Jesus ! Yay! Amen!!! Make sure no one tells you- there is another way! If they do , they are following the father of lies. 

The darkness has no authority or power over you ! Darkness can Not overcome you if you walk in the light!!!

You No longer want to do the things you once did. You ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you each day. You find scriptures that relate to you, and meditate, and begin to  memorize them. I promise this will help you. It is also good to find a church that follows the Word of Truth, and to fellowship with others who have the same belief, and do not compromise the Word. I guarantee you will find someone to fellowship with , who can understand where you've been. Make sure they don't carry around a gavel! 

                  Free at last! Thank You Jesus!

My Prayer- 
Lord Jesus, Savior of the world, Thank You for your patience , unyielding love , mercy , and forgiveness. Thank You for keeping us safe throughout the night.  Providing us with all that we need. Thank You for equipping us to do all things . We love You Jesus! 

 Lord Jesus, I pray for our nation and surrounding nations, that they may return back to You . For your ways are righteous and just. Let us return back to You God, and Your word, reinstating what this once great nation was founded on. You have blessed this nation so greatly and we have done nothing to deserve this blessing. Thank You, O' God! Please be merciful on us as return back to You. Please Lord God,  put good , righteous ,and just leaders in office, that love Your word, and love You , and have boldness Not to  compromise.  I pray they lead us back on track to becoming  great again ! Thank You God. 

Lord Jesus,  please help those being persecuted for loving You,   those who are oppressed, sick, poor, sexually abused , mentally ill, full of anxiety, full of  fear, hopeless, addicted, lost, those who are lacking confidence, who have lost everything,  and sadden by what this world has become, and broken hearted. Please heal them Lord Jesus , restore their hope, their bodies, their confidence, their finances, their mind, and their broken hearts. I pray that each know who they are in You, Christ Jesus , lacking nothing. I pray they know how much they are loved by You each day. 

I pray for a renewed heart and mind Lord God , Father , Creator of all things. Let each of us be deeply rooted in your unyielding love as we close in prayer and give You praise and thanks for all that You are, and  will ever be! Thank You Lord God! We pray for all theses things to come to pass in Your precious name Jesus, Amen!! 

Moving Forward With You
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spiritually!
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May God bless you and your beautiful families keeping each one of you safe . May He be glorified for the Great Father He is! 

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