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30 days of Prayer - Day 17 Awakened Spiritually!

30 Days of Prayer- Day 16

Jeremiah 23:9 - 12 
My heart is broken because of the false prophets, and my bones tremble. I stagger like a drunkard, like someone overcome by wine, because the holy words the Lord has spoken against them. For the land is full of adultery , and it lies under a curse. The land itself is in mourning- its wilderness pastures dried up. For they all do evil and abuse what power they have. 
"Even the priests and prophets are ungodly , wicked men. I have seen their despicable acts right here in my own Temple," says the Lord. Therefore, the paths they take will become slippery.  They will be chased through the dark and there they will fall. For I will bring disaster upon them at the time fixed for their punishment .  I the Lord, have spoken! 
Those who lead are held accountable ! If God has entrusted you with His Word and  put you in a place to lead- make sure you are holding that place of authority as such! I pray your influence leads many to the Cross and Never away from it! Let each who preach and teach the Word of God- be righteous and just. Let our actions line up with our words.
                       Let them know you by your fruit! 

Jeremiah 23 :23 - 24 NIV- I am everywhere --- Near and far, in heaven and on earth. There are no secret places where you can hide from me. 
Jeremiah 23: 28 "Let these false prophets tell their dreams, but let my true messengers faithfully proclaim my every word. There is a difference between straw and grain! 
                If you preach it- make sure you live it!!! 
Words preached and the good news shared-- should not cause you to become self engaged with fame, fortune , status, or spiritual adultery. 

Jeremiah 16: 17 NIV
I can see EVERYTHING you are doing , even if you try to hide your sins from me. Verse 18- I will punish you double for your sins because you have made my own land disgusting . You have filled it with lifeless idols that remind me of dead bodies. 
If you are still here, God is waiting for you and has a purpose for your life!  Don't be mislead by the lies of the wicked!

Jeremiah 17: 14 NIV
You, Lord, are the one I praise. So heal me and rescue me! Then I will be completely well and perfectly healed. 

My prayer- 
Lord God , Father of all nations, Creator of all things, I come to You on behalf of Your people. I pray for a spiritual awakening! I pray for eyes to be opened across the nations to You, and Your goodness, Your love , Your compassion, and Your grace. I pray for a worldwide repentance. I pray everyone knows You Jesus and if they didn't know , they do now, "You are the Only way"- to the Father.
(Ask Jesus for forgiveness and ask Him to take residence in your heart .) And wait to see what He can and will do through a repented heart! 

 I pray , No longer would you allow your people to be led astray by those who claim the truth and lie! Expose those who deceive others in Your name, O' God, and claim Your Word to be truth-- Lord God.  For they only twist your word to fit into their mold and  lifestyle,  so they can receive  popularity,  fame, acceptance,  and money. Forgive them Lord, as I pray they return to You, Jesus, with a deep heartfelt repentance. 

Lord Jesus, I pray You fill every office in congress , school, and homes with God fearing men and woman to bring this nation back to what is was founded on. I pray every Father and Mother would take the time to love their children and lead them according to Your word. That the television no longer is in place of a Father or Mother!   I pray that every church leader would cling to Truth in Your word and live righteously according to what it says. I pray for an overall spiritual transformation in the life of Your people! 

Lord Jesus , thank You for waiting for us to return to You. Thank You for keeping us safe through the night. Thank You for the food on our table. Thank You for the water we drink and shower with. Thank You Lord God, for sending Your Son Jesus, to die on the Cross for our sins. Thank you Jesus for Your grace mercy  and unyielding  love.  Thank You for taking all of mankind's sin on the Cross. I pray You continue to show us mercy as each one of Your people return to You. 

I pray for those who are sick, persecuted, addicted , poor, lonely, broken hearted, and lost, that You may bring healing, comfort and  hope . That you may restore finances to those who are poor and oppressed by others . And those who are being persecuted for their faith-- I pray You continue to bring them boldness, healing to their wounds, Your perfect peace and joy that truly surpasses all understanding and also Lord God, that each may return home  to their families . I pray they come back with a testimony deeply rooted in Your goodness and love for them. Thank You Jesus! 
I pray for all these things to come to pass, in Your precious Holy name Jesus, Amen!!!! 

Moving Forward With You
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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spiritually! 
May God bless you and your beautiful families; leading each to be more responsive in love, compassion, patience, and healthy leadership. Don't allow your kids to be raised by the television or someone else and expect them to grow up and be a healthy adult.. Be healthy and break free from the bondage you allowed in . 
Remember this; God waits for you with such patience and you should also do the same with those you love.. Life is toooo short to live with resentment and anger

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