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Word Of Caution!

Good morning and Happy Wednesday ! God is good! Today is a new day Let us give thanks to God! 

The word of the day is~ Caution!

We see caution signs throughout the roads we drive- right? Well that being said; I am throwing up a caution sign today! There are many things that lead us away from living a healthy life, a life God intended us to live. Pornography is one of them. The not so funny thing about this is; it has become an addiction and has ruined many marriages and relationships.
Sex was created for us by God and was never intended for it to be exposed in such a way that leads many into a relationship of deceit and lust. Media and entertainment industries feed on this and lead many astray . It has become an obsession. Multi-billion dollar industry. 

Gratification and the grass is greener mentality has ruined our society into thinking and trying to fulfill a "feeling" or a "need", that will Never be met! As you know there are many websites to help married people cheat. How sad this is to me and it should be to you.Pornography and most movies are putting images in the heads of men, women and yes, "our children"- what they should "look like" and "how things go in a relationship". This is false doctrine! 

This runaway desire has left many men and woman lonely, confused, shameful, and empty inside. Sex is a gift from God and is to be enjoyed as such. Our bodies are described as a temple. We are to take care of them! This also includes our mind and what we deposit in it. We must be on the alert for sexual images that draw us away from living a healthy life. The life God intended us to live!Some people may think I am a talking out the side of my mouth, but everything I am saying or writing about is 100% truth! Look up the data. It ruins relationships.

 Maybe not at first, but it will eventually. Many woman feel in competition with these images and men become disappointed sexually with their mate and begin holding them up to standards that they may never be able to meet.There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy, taking care of your body or wanting a fun and fulfilled sex life.

Remember God created sex and it is to be enjoyed in a committed relationship. Sex is a gift from God! Love is a gift from God! Don't be mislead and diverted from all that is good and comes from the Father.{God)
Here on my website you will be able to see more on this topic in the coming weeks. 
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