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Toxic Relationship

     Toxic Relationship 

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship or are you currently in one? It can be very draining on the mind, soul and body. A toxic relationship can come in many forms, it can be someone you hangout with or someone you are in a current relationship with etc.. Anyone who is stealing your joy or peace of mind.
What exactly does toxic mean? Urban Definition is as follows; Used to describe a person who is tainted by a subconscious malevolence or psychosis that effects the life of those who come into contact with them.
Toxic is also described as a group of people who are rude and can't be nice. They are not true to people around them. Their personalities are so unappealing it makes people around them suffer and in return this can have great affects on you. Why? Because you end up picking up these toxic behaviors as well. You may become angry and bitter. If you find yourself in one or you are not sure if this relationship is toxic read the signs below..
1} Keeping score of the past. Someone who continues to bring up past mistakes or disappointments is not moving in a direction of health. This can be a form of control and is very toxic.
2) Toxic relationships are insensitive to your needs. They put their needs ahead of yours.. This can make you feel less then.
3) Demean and devalue who you are. They are incapable of giving back the same respect or love unless they want something from you. Very unhealthy !
4} Mostly Negative about others and life in general. Toxic behavior!
5} They Always need to be right! They have a trouble admitting they are wrong or even apologizing .. Toxic behavior !
6) Chaotic emotional life. Outbursts of anger, An emotional roller coaster. Temper tantrums. You may feel you are walking on egg shells. Not healthy!
7} Judgmental of others to make themselves feel better.
8) Expect others to regulate how they feel for them. Seeing themselves as the victim. Never taking responsibility for anything.
9} Disrespects your boundaries . Goes over the line, time and time again. Yet has set up boundaries for you.
10) Never really wanting to see you succeed in life. Because this can bring up fear of losing control of you. This is his or her way of keeping control in "their backyard"; so to speak..
This does not mean someone can't change with therapy, but this does mean that you decide>>> until this "person" or "group of people" seek help; I will take a break and learn to love myself. I will muster up the courage and embrace moving past the toxicity. Seeking healthy relationships that are both beneficial to both parties. If necessary, I too will seek help _" therapy", to move past the pain and hurt, that I received in my toxic relationship. And by doing so, I will not bring this into my "new friendship" or "love relationship".
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