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King Solomon ~ Wrapping it up

             King Solomon

King Solomon can be found in many writings throughout bible, starting in 1 kings . It is an amazing story of a king whom had it all. He was given wisdom from God because he asked for it. And many other things such as riches, power and tremendous intellect would soon follow. Solomon pretty much had everything he wanted and was a good example to many for a very long time. But as you and I both know, with any power or wealth comes a great responsibility ..

                         As Solomon would soon find out. 

 Sometimes I wonder if  I would even want such a responsibility. 
 Being a king or president of a country or having it all, I'm sure has many ups and downs. Unless you use the wisdom God gave you wisely. That being said~ Now we know King Solomon was the wisest man in the world and didn't do a great job with all the wisdom and wealth he accumulated . He began stepping little by little into the cess pool.  He accumulated many wives (700 of them) and women (300 concubines) allowing him to fall into idol worship and great sin against God, his nation, his body, his mind and soul. 

       If  King Solomon the wisest man in the world could fall, so could we..

Solomon built  the Temple of the Lord and a royal palace. He also built towns as supply centers etc. He built everything he desired in Jerusalem  and Lebanon . He completed everything he set out and planned to do. King Solomon became known as one of the greatest builders in Israel's history. And again, let us not forget the wisest man in the world. For all of King Solomon's wisdom , he had some weak spots. He could not say no to compromise or to his lustful desires. Weather he married to accomplish political gain or seek personal pleasures, it ended up being his demise.. 

Key point~ Solomon had God's promises , guidance, and answer to his prayers, yet he allowed his sin to control him. Eventually as I stated above, it would be his demise. He no longer was interested in the things that were good for him. He layed down the foundation with God but did not follow through, he ended up in his later days in idol worship. He had a great start. 

                         What counts is how we finish..
Remember this? At the end of his life He said; Everything apart from God is empty, hollow, and meaningless.

If  anyone of us could see into the future ,I am positive each of  us would roll {Live}  differently . It's hard to see the big picture when we are caught up in our daily life of work, raising kids, relationships, expectations, drama and just trying to get by.  We were never meant to just exist here  on earth,  barely  getting by. God created each of us with a unique gift and a purpose. He created us to want more than earthly desires and earthly pleasures.He created us to be apart of Him. 

 It's amazing the God of the universe takes up residence in the hearts of His people. He gives us all free will . He is not some mean and horrible ruler as many may suggest. He gives us the freedom to do anything we want and the bible is a guide , a map if you will; to help us along the way. History repeats itself for a reason, because we all seem to think we know better than our Creator..

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Anonyms on Thursday, July 05, 2018 4:10 AM
Excellent Post.
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anonymous on Monday, August 20, 2018 3:41 AM
nice one
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