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Directions~ My GPS Isn't Working Day 2

What is a GPS world? And Why am I addressing it? Because I feel someone needs 2. 

 A GPS world is- when you completely depend on gadgets, people, job, money, looks or successes ,to get you where you desire , want , or think you need to be.. Gadgets are great and so is technology , I use it everyday. Money I use this everyday as well. I desire to have more too, but at what cost? That being said~" We all desire to have something greater or more than what we have today". A GPS can tell you how to get from point A to point B , right? Does it always work? not really. Unless you use Google GPS. I guess I'm giving Google a shout out! LOL 

 Who doesn't want to know where their going? Not me. . But I'm talking on a much deeper level of need and fulfillment that technology, job, money, successes, or even a person here on earth can fulfill . I am talking about the need that God has put in each of us. A longing that cannot be fulfilled by success, money , sex ,beauty, fame etc. The crazy thing is and Very true, that we think if we have any of these things or many things, then we will be set for life.{ Be Free of problems or head trips } Isn't it just a big lie-!! needing to be exposed ? I mean; if you Really stop and think about it… And I mean STOP and think about it..

 Suicide is on the uprise and self destruction of body, mind and soul is too! We all play the game and most of us lose. Why are beautiful Men and Women committing suicide? They seem to have it all, Right? Or on the other hand, Why does society self medicate with sex, gambling, drugs and alcohol? 

The Truth~

God has placed a desire inside of us, (Everyone of us) that Only He can fulfill. And CANNOT be fulfilled with any of these things above! If you believe they can , you too may be on the bus to self destruction and a life full of un-fulfillment and disappointment.KIng Solomon in the bible had it all {women , riches, wisdom, looks etc.) Did you know he was the wisest man in the world? And at the end of having all these things, he still was not satisfied . Also he  (Solomon) like many of us, who know better, do not heed our own advise. Unbelievable right?? After his search and ultimate quest for pleasure; he said and I quote~ 

That Everything apart from God is empty, hollow and meaningless.. Wow,that's really sad..

What is desire~ It is a conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment ;a longing ,a craving..

If you want to know more about this, come back as we dig further into King Solomon's life..

Moving Forward With You is here; to move you forward and to inform you with truth! I hope this helps you on your journey and quest to have it all! 

I am open for feed back and to Coach you into a successful and healthy place in life.
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