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The Wrap Up - Foolish Pride

The wrap up- Foolish Pride

Pride or Foolish Pride; Not usually a welcomed subject . I know this first hand. Now I'm not a super model or actress or even a well off babe, but I do have some stake in being prideful or foolish and full of myself. I don't even really know where to begin; I guess I'll start here-

 One day after getting this job and working there for awhile, never feeling super accomplished or really great at much. I Lisa, (found myself) at least I thought I did, becoming- 

                                " The Rock Star " !!!! 

And get this, I had a long run at it! On top for a very long time.. Money, looks , great kids etc. It was truly going to my head. I begin feeling invincible . I really never shared this with anyone until about 3 years ago. I mean why would I? Then I might be considered shallow and stuck up! (I never stopped caring or loving anyone.) I just loved me and my life!

And by the way, who likes someone like that in the first place (long term). Am I right? I was a money producer and fairly good looking. You don't need to be famous to be in the pride pool. Pride takes on many forms. You can be so prideful, that you won't even apologize. (You'd rather die before you do!) or even admit if you're wrong!) Now that's foolish in my book.

Now, how does one get rid of foolish pride? I hope it doesn't happen to you in this manner. I got sick and everything that I thought I knew; begin to unravel. Yes it's true- getting sick will humble you very quickly! There's no need for me to go into detail, just trust me, it's a game changer! Today is a new day and a new me! 

One last thing before I close, Pride is ugly and it can destroy you and your relationships. Can you join me and truly bury it? Otherwise, it will surely take on a life of it's own.. 

(Temper is what gets most of us in trouble. Pride keeps us there.) Unknown Author

(People wrap themselves up in flimsy garments of their own righteousness and then complain of the cold) Unknown Author

Keep moving forward ; give love, extend grace, and forgiveness. For if you don't know this, God extends it to us everyday!

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