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Do You Count Your Loss or Blessings? Today is a Big Day!

Do You Count Your Loss or Blessings? Revisited!!

I am positive this is a touchy subject for most.. (Especially those going through a horrific loss of a loved one or illness,  job , home etc..) I mean no disrespect to you or your loved ones..

Today  is a new day, and I do realize it may be very hard to rejoice and find comfort in the mist of your pain. I've been there and fully understand.

On that note~ It takes time to heal , forgive, and joy to return. No one can speed up the process for you. You need time to grieve, on whatever it may be. Such as a divorce, loss of a loved one, illness, loss of a job, home etc.

Loss of any kind can bring on such a substantial amount of pain, anger and depression, it may seem that there is no end to it in sight.

                                                  This is not true!

                  Where there is a beginning- there is an end..

I am no stranger to pain and some misfortune in life. As I look back, I can reference on one of many events, that brought great pain in my life "It was the loss of my Mom". She was the center of all that was wonderful in my life(A great pillar)A great comforter! As I would later find out, She was this way for  many other's. She touched so many with Her loving heart.


I picked up a few addictions along the way, before the healing process began. I began shopping and gambling like a maniac. Truly.. I was hurting so badly and also could see my sister and kids were falling apart as well. All of us handling it in different ways. Some didn't talk about it at all, others begin their own addiction. (That is for them to disclose & not for me to freely share) I can say now, that addiction was my way of dealing with it & not getting through it.

 I guess I should say it was depression..  Not even realizing it. But as I look back, " It sure was"..

Then I became ill and I seriously thought "How Much More Could I Take"?? Well I am still here and apparently God does not give us more than we can handle..

Blessed are those who are poor in spirit.. More on this tomorrow!

We must be careful Not to become bitter and hateful towards life and people. Life can be very challenging and bad things happen to good people all the time. In fact all people! What God meant for good; man meant for (harm) evil. Keeping this in mind; Whatever man meant for harm; God can use this, to bring something good out of it in time..

 If you can only see or (focus) on what is happening now, You will not be able to heal and let God's love restore you and strengthen you. So you can live again! It is true, when we can't see the joy in today; it's very hard too see the joy in living for tomorrow.

 Again healing takes time..

                             Hope keeps you going!

 Not until I begin to see the good God was bringing out of my pain and of those I love, did I even begin the healing process and begin moving forward.. (Tell you more about this tomorrow.) Living again! Truly smiling and laughing aloud!  Life is definitely a journey and has many ups and downs, but through it all- I can say; I truly Love Deeper and have more compassion towards others than ever before. And I am thankful for that!

I count my blessings each day and can see God is truly all about Love and He is able to restore us and bring joy back into our life!

My life is not perfect and realize today "Nobody has a perfect life".. "And if they tell you they do", it's a lie..

Moving Forward With You
Today is a great day!
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