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I'm Guilty- Are You? Day 2

I'm Guilty- Are You? Day 2

Let's get right down to it!

 Establishing boundaries101 - Wake me up Coach 101

1) Look at the facts of the situation so you know what your dealing with, and knowing this can sometimes help you avoid the pitfalls.

2) While this may be a really hard step but it is necessary for change.

3) Evaluate the cost.

4) Do a personal sober self assessment. Look inside yourself and be honest. (This may take you awhile for you to mull over.) It's easier said than done..

5) Take a 30 day break from you! What does this mean? Take the focus of you for the month and take that energy and put it to good use. When we put so much energy on oneself; it can blind us from the beauty that surrounds us. (Family, Friends, Nature etc.)

6) Stop being lead by the unimportant things in life and focus on all that you do have. And give thanks to God. Learn to be thankful!

7) Next time your lead by an emotional fix-STOP !! (When your down or being lead by your feelings it is Very easy to shop, drink, need affirmation etc..) Self pleasures can be damaging to the health and your bank account etc.!!!

8) If your feeling guilty your probably doing something for yourself.  Ever hear that? (Thinking about only you!) Keep this in mind; it's not a bad thing to be aware of self needs, but if your self centered than you might want to get involved in a charitable role. It is Very rewarding! And again it takes the focus off of you!

9) Learn when enough is enough! We all have the ability to see when enough is enough! (Coming from a recovered shopaholic) Stay focused and clear minded. Just because your bestie might get a new a phone, doesn't mean you need to run out and do the same.

10) Satisfaction needs to come from within! It starts with knowing who you are in God's eyes. Not the worlds!

Now all that being said-

Remember this- it is okay to want to look good and have nice things!
Just be-aware, so you can stay on track!
Believing this mentality will only lead to disappointment -The one that dies with the most toys wins!

Moving Forward With You
Today is a great day!

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