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Are You A Victim or A Conqueror?

 Are You A Victim or A Conqueror? 

A victim doesn't live.. A victim can not see the future but can only see the present and the past. It's very hard to move forward with anything in life when you live as a victim. Robbing you of all peace and joy. Hiding and dwelling in your sorrow and pain. In the Bible, it says there is a time for grief but there is also a time for (healing) moving forward.

                                        What are you doing?

Please understand I mean no disrespect to your current situation or am I  passing  judgement where you are at today. I am simply wanting to point out; there is light, when you allow the darkness fade away.

We all must go through the grieving process ~ Most all of the population has experienced some level of loss or deep pain. It is miraculous how you see some people conquer their past struggles and painful memories.. Do you ever wonder how some people rise above it?

I can reassure you it doesn't happen overnight. It's a process. Grief is a process of feeling and going through the emotions. And ultimately healing from the hurt and being able to move past it over time. I have been through  many things in my life, that brought on an incredible amount of pain, no movement, and a great deal of confusion. It literally stopped me in my tracks and then I allowed it to take over. No movement or  healing occurred . Truthfully addictions kicked in (Shopping, Gambling, & Some Drug use)

Because I just sat there being a victim and feeling sorry for myself. Closing out those who loved me the most & who sought out to help me. Blinded by the darkness not realizing, that there was light out there. Restoration, healing, a new chapter, a new day. We can't see the work God is doing in the mist of our pain; but when he brings you through it~ All I can say is Wow! Thank you God. When the darkness disappears the light shines so brightly, it's almost blinding.. You can breath and live again!

If you need help overcoming the darkness in your life, please let me help. I  truly understand..
                              Be a conqueror and live life in the light!

Moving Forward With You

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