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Misguided choices

                      Misguided Choices
                   What in the world do I mean?
Each day You and I wake up with choices, Right?
We have the choice to walk away from a problem; or confront it, feed into an addiction or not; choose to be happy or not; choose to cheat or not; etc..
          Your choice right?
         Why choose life over death?
   Do you realize each decision we make will have a positive or negative outcome? When we choose life; we make conscious decisions. We way the risk and think about it before doing it.             
       And then if it looks like it's not a good choice~ We Don't do it!
When we choose death; we really don't play it out in our head or maybe we do for a minute; but ultimately go through with it! We end up just thinking about what we want or tell ourselves it's okay. No one is gonna know. It's just this one time. You feed into the desire monster and once you do~ It's very hard not to feed the monster some more, because it can begin to take over your life. How can this happen? Very easily, it can begin to feel exciting, fun, adrenaline rushing, addicting, etc. at first, but eventually Guilt, Shame, Sadness, etc.( these are just a few emotions that will set in) And ultimately will bring death to oneself!
                          Why the harshness?
                     Because it's true!!
All you need to do is look at so many people (myself included ~ aka past choices) who made that choice to do something (Unhealthy thinking) and not way out the decision or get help with whatever is going on in their life.. And some people have fallen deeper into the darkness or either  taken their own life or maybe currently thinking about it.  (Unhealthy Thinking) Due to their choices, that now have lead them to this empty feeling of worthlessness & shame. Why ??? Wrong Choices! And that's why our choices cause us to live or die.
One bad choice can lead to so much turmoil in your life. So let's think before we act and play out the what ifs..
1)Murder, Drugs, Stealing~ jail, loss of job, probation, parole etc.
2)Cheating~ divorce, std, unwanted pregnancy, broken family. (children Very hurt)
3) Drinking & Driving~ Dui, manslaughter, your job?
4)One night stand~ unwanted pregnancy, std.
You may believe the above examples are extreme, but if you stop and think about it~ There really not. Letting your emotions or unclear (unhealthy) thinking take over~ anything can happen..
It's like a seed; once it's planted it grows!
Just because you have possibly stepped across the line ~ doesn't mean you can't find your way back. So let's forgive ourselves and apologize to those we've hurt & move forward. Think before you act. You only have one life! So choose life!
God forgives everyone! But let's not use that excuse to do wrong.. It's such a high price to pay for you and all those you hurt..

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