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Well where do I start, I guess from the moment their born (Your Son or Daughter) Their so cute and make you  so incredibly happy, and like any parent you have big dreams, and expectations for him or her. From the day you bring him or her home; Your up late nights feeding , changing , walking the floor with little sleep, and teaching them all that you can to help them develop into a functioning adult. Wait stop! They don't come with a handbook? Nope and if you think the terrible twos are bad, wait til they hit the teenager years! That being said~ I have loved Every moment being a mom despite the many ups and downs I have experienced being a parent.
Example ~ Your crazy, Stay out of my room, You need to chill out, Your over protected, I hate you, etc. ( Smiling now, not at the time this was all being said to me..)   :)
Teen years can send you close to the edge of madness if you let them. Boyfriends, girlfriends, staying out late, talking back, thinking they know it all attitude. Truly this is just the tip of the iceberg! And trust me, only the day they become a parent~ will it really begin to shed light on what a loving, giving, parent you are. All the sacrifices you made for them, late nights you stayed up when they were a baby and now a teen. All the love, worry, and time you invested into them comes to light when they have a child of their own.
If I could go back and change some of the things I've done parenting I would.. But as you know, moving forward is the only thing you can do.
Tomorrow, I will be giving you tips to help you get through the teen years. My advice for You today is: when your upset and at your last wit, just try to remember you were once a teenager, and maybe not as stubborn or disrespectful etc, as your son or daughter may be to you, but this to shall pass. (just as it did with you) Take a deep breath. and pray for God to watch over them and help you today. And then silence your mind. Do whatever it takes for you to feel peace. It is possible, I do it myself and it works! Good luck! See you tomorrow..
Moving Forward With You

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