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Living A Double Life Day 2

  Living a double life?
Integrity & Truth
Integrity~ Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility
Synonyms~ Character, decency, goodness
Truth~ Archaic; fidelity, constancy, fact; the body of real things; fact
Synonyms~ trueness, factually, fact
What applies to your life?  Truth, lies, denial, secrets, integrity, immorality? Be honest with yourself for a moment, and look deep inside yourself: What do you see? What are you feeling? Thinking about this may take longer than a minute, so take the time to be truthful with yourself..
                            Why do this?
Why wouldn't you ? It is Very good to check yourself every once in awhile. Like a car, we also need a tune up from time to time.. This tune up may include; asking others what they see in you.
Be open and listen. This will help you, more than you know. Try not to become defensive and be open minded. ( This may hurt you for a moment.)Why? Because the REAL TRUTH hurts.( And remember this exercise is for your benefit ) We can lose touch with who we have become; if we never stop to self evaluate and ask others opinion. (Make sure it's someone you love and trust) This person can be most helpful to you moving forward in life.
Don't let fear stop you from this exercise..
                              I Believe~
Great wisdom begins with listening and self evaluation. Then taking the proper steps to change.
Personally, When I really began looking at myself and asking others about what they see and think of me~ It hurt. And hopefully you don't become defensive like I did and become angry. With that being said; I didn't change and  probably got worse. Only when I got quiet and opened my mind, Change came!!
Whatever your doing in your daily life; If you wouldn't do it in front of others, than you probably shouldn't be doing it.. Hidden secrets is self inprisionment.. ( To self confine)
Examples and more on this tomorrow!
Keep Moving Forward & Share The Love. <3 <3
Moving Forward With You

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