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What Does It Take For You to Be Happy??

                         What does it take for you to be happy?
                               That is a question we all should think about.
Happiness~ I will tell you with great certainty, that it does not come from money. (Although is nice to have.) It pays the bills ~ You can buy nice stuff~ But ~ It does not make you happy!
Do you ever think; If God just made me look a certain way, than I would be happy! Or If I just had a better job, than I would be happy. I just know it! If I was in another relationship, I just know I would behappier. I just know it! If my child would just listen, I know I would be happy! If this is you, You are truly missing the boat!
Well, now that we established that these things will not bring you happiness. What can You & I do to be happy?
My morning starts out with "Gratefulness" ~ Giving thanks to God, that I am alive! I have been given this day to be a better person, a better mom, friend etc. I stop to think about all that I have. And am very thankful for a roof over my head, food to eat, etc. Being thankful, can truly change your outlook on life! When we take things for granite in life, we become a~ "It's all about me person".  ( Not many people enjoy being around that kind of person) And if they do, it's not for the right reasons!
The next thing I do; is change my stinking thinking! When we focus on all the negative things in our life, this can become a real downer!! Yes, things in life come at us all like a thief in the night. And it truly is up to you ~ how you respond and address the negative in your life. (Feelings, people, illness, disappointments etc..) If you give into all these things,( Your feelings and emotions) you can become depressed, angry and resentful. And that in itself; steals joy and peace from your life!
More tips next Monday! Keep moving forward and share the love. <3 <3

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