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Betray~ Examples of betrayal~ To betray one's true feelings: To betray a secret. He or She is very loyal, and would never betray a friend and then does so. Someone you trusted to take care of your child and does the ultimate betrayal. Your friend goes after your wife or husband. As we all know, there are many levels of betrayal. Too many to list!!
Not everyone we know or come in contact with, may hold the same level of integrity as you or I. So before you share your most intimate secrets, etc. You first Really better think twice before doing so. I believe betrayal is breaking your ultimate trust. I know we want so desperately to be able to count on someone or something, but if we look back to the beginning of time, betrayal has a long running history. People stepping on others to get ahead in life or wanting what you have. Backstabbing is nothing new, King David was betrayed in the Bible. Backstabbing, gossip, greed, and negativity all line up with betrayal.
Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this, but you can become more aware.
1] Think about the person, can you really trust them?
2] How long have you known them?
3] Have they ever done anything to you that you later questioned?
4] Do they really have your best interest at heart?
5] Has anybody ever warned you about this person?
6] Do they constantly have something bad to say about someone else?
7] Have they already betrayed you?
Famous Quotes~
Backstabbing is when a coworker lies low on a project and then grabs credit when its nearing completion.
Backstabbers ooze anger.
In all likelihood backstabbers are quite pleasant and supportive on the the surface, but thats a mask. BEWARE!!
Trust is the key to happiness and the door to heartbreak. To be fully human and engaged in the world we must open ourselves up to others. We give a part of ourselves to every person we become intimate with. We take on a part of others, as well. This piece of ourselves never comes back. It is for the person who holds it to treasure and protect. It is also for them to change the character of that fragment, to devalue it, to reject it. We have all experienced this. Trust turns into pain as we are stabbed in the back by someone close to us. Or we are the betrayer; we choose to turn our back on friendship and seek our own gain at their expense. Yet even after betrayal, we hold that fragment still. That piece will stay with us, and shape us. Betrayer and betrayed alike.

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