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Cocaine ~ Did you know?

           Heroin~ Devils Drug?
                                 Just be glad you never tried it and if you did, be glad you escaped it!
                                             Coming Monday, a look into the life of a heroin addict..
  Though the details—location, names, amounts, dates—change with each story, one of the most stunning things about recovery is the similarities between your story of addiction and that of the next addict. Heroin addiction, especially, seems to provide its captives with a gut wrenching path from thread remains the same: heroin addiction is deadly. The only hope is heroin rehab.
         .              .Cocaine
According to San Francisco General Hospital, 90-percent of all patients who've tested positive for cocaine use have also tested positive for the animal deworming drug levamisole.
U.S. health officials first warned of the drug in September and the CDC just reported that 69-percent of all cocaine seized in the U.S. is tainted with it. While cocaine is often cut with other drugs to both increase its weight and potency, officials don't know why levamisole is being used.
The drug can cause
agranulocytosis, which significantly reduces the number of white blood cells in the body causing fever, swollen glands, and painful sores around the mouth and anus. And women seem to be more affected by levamisole than men are.
"If 90 percent of cocaine users in San Francisco are positive for levamisole and are being exposed to this compound, then why aren't 90 percent of them in the emergency room with these side effects?" asks Kara Lynch, associate chief of the chemistry and toxicology lab at S.F. General.
Oddly enough, San Francisco patients are experiencing a condition that others are not: their skin is turning black! Dr. Jonathan Graf, an assistant professor at S.F. General says their skin appears to be "sloughing" off. He feels that there are other cases of this happening but that people just aren't going to see doctors about it.
It's worth noting that the drug
levamisole was found in DJ AM's body along with cocaine, OxyContin, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, and Benadryl. The entertainer died of an overdose three months ago.
                             Addiction hits all walks of life,
  As a young man I was very career-motivated and was rewarded with success quickly. By the time I was 30 years old, I was vice-president of sales for Zenith Data Systems, a billion-dollar subsidiary of Zenith Electronics Corp. I was in charge of hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. I was on top of my career and had the world in my hands, but I forgot all of the lessons I learned growing up on the streets in Chicago--that bad things happen to people who do drugs.

I remember one evening in particular when I was at a party in an exclusive Gold Coast neighborhood in downtown Chicago and someone introduced me to cocaine. It was the mid-1980s and I had heard about cocaine; it was the drug of the rich and famous. I wanted to be rich and famous, too. I had made it, I was a corporate executive, and, so were these people. So I tried cocaine, and I loved it and its effect. It maximized my strengths and minimized my weaknesses (or so I thought at the time). I was addicted immediately, but it would take years and the loss of my fiancee, my job, and almost my life before I realized that I had a problem. It's difficult to look back .

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