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The Truth About Lying

Reaching goalsSix Different Forms Of Lying..
 1) Being Nice- Most of us want to be perceived as a good person,so instead of telling the truth to people, we tell nice white lies to make them feel good, or rather, not feel bad. For example, you may have lunch with an old friend and tell him or her she/he looks fantastic.
when your really thinking "uh oh" he or she put on at least 15 pounds. You justify the lie with the excuse you don't want to hurt their feelings..The problem is that your whole conversation has been fake..
2) Not Speaking Up- Most of us are afraid to express our true thoughts and feelings because we are worried about how people will react.Say your boyfriend brings you to a Thai restaurant but you hate Thai food. You don't tell him. Then later you become intimate with him, but the sex isnt that great.You pretend everything is fine, afraid to say something that may hurt him. By staying quiet, your eating food you hate and having lousy sex. Your not in the relationship with this person, the fake you is..
3) Covering Your Ass- These lies are about trying to cover something up so we don't get in trouble. They usually start with "I'm sorry", plus an excuse. Often these lies are completely false,or they just have a dose of fabrication in them to throw people off. These lies become second nature. All of a sudden you don't even realize your doing them..
4) Hiding The Truth- When you intentionally withhold information from someone, I'm calling that lying,even if you think it's for a good reason not to tell that person.Hiding the truth keeps you from being totally connected to people and takes away from the quality of your relationships..
5) Big Secrets- Many of us has big lies in our lives that are slowly killing us,but we are afraid to confess them. So instead of telling the truth,we live with the lie,convincing ourselves that it doesn't matter. Let's say you cheated on your partner. It was a drunken make out session in another state. You come back from your business trip and life goes on,right? You think if no one knows about what happened,then nothing has changed,Wrong. Everything has changed. You can't honestly have the same close, connected relationship with the partner after that.You can pretend,but you can't truly be free and happy in your life when your hiding a big secret. Sorry..
6) Spewing Bad Theories- Throughout our lives,we have created negative theories (lies) that we believe about ourselves that we state like they are facts. For example; I am fat, I'm to old, I'm not smart enough to get an "MBA".We act like these lies are the truth and we have no power over them. They are Not True!! The lies we tell ourselves about ourselves are the ones that kill us the most.They keep us stuck, believing in our b.s. and they stop us from changing and growing.
Keep this in mind ~ Lying can become habit forming.. Don't get caught up in it! And one last thing, {true fact} Satan is the father of lies! So next time you feel like your about to tell a lie~ Pinch yourself or bite your tongue. (OUCH!!) This should help keep you in check!

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