Title - Moving Forward With You
I am adding this page ~ dedicating it to your addiction & recovery stories. Please submit your story and help someone else out!
Move Forward
Today is a New day. Each day is a New day for us to be thankful. Each day we have the choice to live or to die. If your stuck in the die cycle, I totally get it. I use to be there. It's a Never ending cycle and it will Never get better until you decide" You want to Live "
Addiction comes in so many forms. If I were to list them all, this entire page would be full. Drug addiction may be the only thing, that does come to your mind as an addiction but there are many forms of addiction. And don't be fooled thinking your addiction doesn't have a huge impact on Your life or anyone elses. It comes from the depths of Hell. No matter what kind of addiction it is!
It Can and Will rob You of all that God intended for you to have in your life . Most of us start an addiction soon after a traumatic experience or a series of hurts such as ~ abuse, loss of job, home, passing of a loved one, etc.
I know life can kick you and beat you up if You let it.. I'm here to let you know ~there truly is a better life out there, once you uncover the darkness that lead You to your addiction/ addictions..
The light shines brightly through the darkness & pain ~ when the recovery begins!
Will you take the first step? And choose Life?
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