Title - Moving Forward With You
Lunch & Work Book Included!
Couple Rejuvenation Session
1 hour session includes email support plus an bonus 2 hour coffee meet and greet session
Price: $295.00
Coming August 2018, (Notice date change & Price) Event held In Sacramento 2018 Call for changes and new info,RVSP

Teen Hike!
ages 11 - 17
Coming again soon, 2018
Details below 
call 530-305-7295 or register on line via- Contact Us Page
Teen Hike / Pizza Party
Fun Hike and Pizza Party
Price: $75.00
Teen Hike / Pizza Party
Fun Hike and Pizza Party ~ Add Parent
Price: $100.00
Look for upcoming details & don't forget to invite your friends!
Are you lonely? Feeling down in the dumps? Just Frustrated? Just want to meet someone new? Doing it Again,  2019
Moving Forward With You, is throwing another Meet & Greet "I'm Kicking Life Right Where It Hurts Healing Hike!! Sign Up & Fight back! Work Off Some Of That Aggravation, Loneliness, Pain Or Weight! Just Do IT!! Bonus Alert! After a great hike we will all join one another for a snack & some juice or water :) and I will be sharing some of my own past struggles.. I am encouraging everyone to share, it's a great release! See You There!  40.00 for One or 70.00 for Two ( Juice, Water & snacks are Provided ) Email me @   ms.lisacantrell@movingforwardwithyou.com Event takes place in Tahoe City, Ca ( Registration is necessary ) No exceptions
Teen Hike/Pizza party , Sat Sept.22 2019. This will be an opportunity for teens to share and get to meet other teens. I will be teaching them how to express their feelings in a (healthy manner) also teaching them the importance of accountability.Rejoicing in nature ( putting technology aside for the day) and moving past issues that plague them on a daily basis.We will be talking about peer pressure and body image. After a great hike we will be enjoying a pizza at Mountain Mike's. Event will start at 11am End at 6:30 p.m
Info will only be released to those who register & pay.Name, Email,Telephone,Address will be necessary to move forward. Parents are welcome to join! Additional cost will be added.
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